They responded!!

They responded!!


I, too, wish I got food just for letting people take cute pictures of me.

Obligatory dog-in-sunglasses-with-beer joke

Obligatory dog-in-sunglasses-with-beer joke

If the nays take over, I swear to god you need to just create a new puppy-only blog for me to follow.

I just might have to. 

Oh, and to all my pole-loving followers, I haven’t had the chance to put up my pole in the new place yet so you’ll just have to be patient. Although I did tell my boss and co-worker today about it, and they both thought it was awesome. :)

We started crate training her today. Look at that face!!!

P.S. more dog pics yay or nay

To anyone who cares (Ben), we decided to let her keep her old name: Lexi.

Also, we left her alone in the apartment all day for the first time today while we were at work (10 hours). I was really worried about leaving her alone for so long, and was sure that she would potty in the apartment, but to our surprise we came home to a completely clean and destruction-free house! Especially because we let her have free-roam of the place.

"Being loved on is tiring!"

Her first day home has been a success! She is such a well behaved dog. She hasn’t destroyed anything, chewed on anything she wasn’t supposed to, gone potty inside, or barked. She walks pretty well on a leash and sits easily when waiting to go outside or for food. She got bathed without a fuss, and even watched us eat dinner (chicken wings!!) as politely as can be, with no begging or jumping.

I walked her and ran her and played tug of war and fetch until she wore herself out. She is surprisingly very high energy (she was very calm when we walked her at the shelter) when she wants to play, although she is very calm when we are calm and not playing with her.

We adopted our first dog!!! 2 year old pit bull mix. We are still thinking of a name for her! Suggestions?

I hate riots. They’re stupid and senseless. Ok so you’re mad that something unjust happened, so you’re going to destroy and burn innocent businesses that have nothing to do with it?

My friend’s parents store got looted and he watched it happen on live TV. I can’t even imagine how much that sucked.